Azzi Glasser’s Perfume Story , exclusive at Harvey Nichols…

Azzi Glasser’s Perfume Story , exclusive at Harvey Nichols…

Award-winning perfume designer Azzi Glasser has launched her first collection of fragrances with retailer Harvey Nichols. The collection Called the Perfumer’s Story offers 11 bespoke fragrances and landed on the counters of Harvey Nichols on  October 1st.  We were fortunate enough to take a closer look as these irresistible bottles of inspriration ahead of launch , due to designing, manufacturing and supplying this stunning packaging (see picture).

Azzi specialise’s in creating unique fragrances and it will come as no surprise to learn that her clientele consists of some of the World’s top fashion designers, leading beauty brands, Hollywood actors, musicians and artists. She has an impressive  list of celebrity clients, some of  whom she has also created bespoke perfumes for include; Helena Bonham Carter, Jude Law, Kylie Minogue, Tom Hardy, Noomi Rapace, Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp…to name a few!

Having spent time together, through her own extraordinary intuition and sensory skills, she made me a scent I love! She has made me a scent I feel like I’ve always had, it is me, I just never had it in a bottle before!” – Jude Law

Azzi Glasser Packaging

Azzi is holding private appointments available to book through the new Harvey Nichols Concierge service at the Knightsbridge store.

These special appointments are only held for a limited period only and are strictly by appointment. Priced at £15,000. For More information on this exquisite collection at Harvey Nichols please Click Here.

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