Does Your Packaging Sell Your Online Product?

Does Your Packaging Sell Your Online Product?

With 81% of retail purchases made online in 2012 alone, it’s no wonder so many businesses invest such high proportions of their marketing budgets into online advertising, it’s chepaer and a wider more targeted reach of customer is available than with TV or Magazine advertising.

We live in a digital world, but what does this mean to the retailer? …

It means that retailers have to keep ahead of their game, stand out  and package up with every emphasis on the latter point.

Consumer’s expect an effcient and visually appealing online shopping experience, from the convenience of their mobile devices, allowing them to shop from home or on the go. This is where the marketing spend comes into play. Websites need to look great, and the user experience has to be even better than ‘great’ to retain your consumer’s interest, so retailers spend money on designing the perfect mobile friendly website and so they should.

The customer is satisfied with their purchase and completes the checkout experience, what’s more, they probably gained a great discount code from that cleverly designed email marketing campaign, bonus points again to the marketing team. What happens next in the digital world? Well, chances are , there is an excited status update out there on a chosen social platform, along the lines of ‘Hey I just ordered from such and such a retailer, free delivery and 10 % off with this code’ – perfect, exactly what should happen, more points to the marketing team!



Now, the order is processed, picked and packed and sent for distribution to the super eager customer, sat excitedly waiting for its arrival. How does it arrive?

Keep Your Packagaing Relevant…

We know packaging, we know brands that get it right, we know of well known brands that still get it wrong ( online ), and from a consumer point of view there is nothing more infuriating than when that DVD arrives, you’re not in and you have to go and sign for the huge box at the sorting office, why, when it could be packaged to fit through your letter box? Why should you have to return that pair of shoes you needed in two days time, because they’ve been crushed in a plastic mailing bag? Your mail order packaging has to be adapted to its contents, just as your online marketing campaigns are adjusted to your audience.

Treat Its As Marketing Material…

For many of your customers, your mailing packaging is the first point of direct contact they will have with your brand, with orders being placed online & payments completed online there is little need for communication, so when that package arrives it has to back the quality of its contents and has to live up to all expectations. Use eye catching design, and contemporary styling with relevant material and function and you’re winning. Get it wrong however and you can guess the next status update… ‘ Just received my order from such and such, so dissapointed, I missed the postman / the package was damaged ‘ etc etc and the post will almost certainly be followed up with photographic evidence and comments of ‘ do not shop with…’

Word of mouth is ‘Social’, social, is digital and digital is the world we are living in. Make your packaging a marketing priority, its one budget that shouldn’t be cut. Clever mailorder packaging can be talked about for all the right reasons and doesnt have to cost the earth. Make it stand out when it hits the door mat or when the door bell rings.

Here at Monro we can make that happen.There is a use for every mailing box, envelope and bag and we can help you find the one that fits your product. Contact our team to discuss your Mail Order needs.

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