Government proposed changes to plastic carrier charges…

Government proposed changes to plastic carrier charges…

The Single Use Carrier Bag Charges Order is set to be laid to debate in both Houses of Parliament for Parliamentary approval ahead of it’s proposed inforce date of October 2015. 5p charges of single use plastic carriers are already in operation in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales…

If approved the UK will see 5p charges set against all single use plastic carriers with the exemption of the rule only for the following;

  • Small and start up Businesses with the view of not to further damage growing economy by admistrative pressures and strain to consumers looking to support and assist growth in new business.
  • Bags for life.
  • Woven plastic bags.
  • Bags without handles.

Exemption to the rule is also expected (if approved) to apply to bags containing;

  • Unwrapped food.
  • Unwrapped goods contaminated with soil, e.g seeds
  • Unwrapped blades.
  • Prescription only medicines.
  • Live aquatic creatures.
  • Uncooked meats.

It is also expected that any bags distributed in places of transit such as planes, trains and boats will be exempt from charges.

Businesses will of course be effected by impulse buys, with consumers not being prepared with bag in hand or the 5p charge, however its is hoped that biodegradble bags that truely meet industry criteria will be discovered and put in place.

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For full details on the Governments intentions and proposals. Click Here.


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