Loros Charity Bike Ride 2011

Loros Charity Bike Ride 2011

It was a sunny autumn lunch time when a group of colleagues sat in a local pub and decided it would be a great idea to cycle to Skegness in aid of Loros, a Leicestershire based Charity.

A year’s time seemed a long way off and plenty of time to prepare for the 90 miles that lay ahead of us. Bikes, Helmets, lights and even padded shorts were purchased and so began the training!

Fast forward 10 months and the team set off in the dark at 6:30am wondering if we were actually going to make it in one piece. Most were sensible and did the ride on racing bikes, however not all, with one trailing behind on a mountain bike.

Clear cycling packs soon emerged and we were all imagining we were taking part in the Tour De France, the 50 mile point was reached.

We lost count of the number of caravans who ‘forgot’ we were there; emerged with racing hearts after a dog launched itself at the pack and managed to stay up-right through the constant blasts of side wind.

Our only aim was to arrive before it got dark, which we did …. Just!

Along the way and with the support of our manufacturing partners, staff, friends and family we raised much more than we ever hoped or expected.

So, Monro Bike Team would like to say a huge’ Thank You’ to everyone who helped us raise £4,325.65 for this wonderful cause.

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