Monro Ltd Join the ‘Nation of Lifesavers’

Monro Ltd Join the ‘Nation of Lifesavers’

In the UK over 30,000 cardiac arrests happen out of hospital, less than one in ten survive. The British Heart Foundation’s  mission is to create a Nation of Lifesavers. With the Charity’s new Life Saver Pack, School’s, Businesses and community groups across the UK can now learn CPR with an innovative watch and learn call push training pack.

Here at Monro, we are pretty proud to say we’ve signed up, purchased our pack and now as a Business have joined the ‘Nation Of Life Saver’s’. We hope we never need to use our new knowledge but should a situation occur, thanks to the British Heart Foundation, we hope we may just save a life.

Bolton Wanderers Midfielder ‘ Fabrice Muamba ‘ who tragically suffered cardiac arrest whilst playing against Tottenham Hotspurs back in March 2012, fully backs the ‘Save a Nation’ campaign after medical offiicials and spectators battled to keep him alive despite his heart stopping for an incredible 78 minutes. The skill of medical staff on site that day , inevitably saved the life of this young and otherwise healthy man at the peak of his fitness and enabled him to make a full recovery. Fabrice sadly ended his career with early retirement following medical advice, though a price worth paying for the value of life. Having learnt first hand how so suddenly & unexpectedly heart’s can fail ,  Fabrice & The British Heart Foundation  now urges the Nation , young and old to learn CPR & Monro couldn’t agree more because you simply never know when you may need it.

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