Monro Ltd Launch Revolutionary Cosmetics Packaging Range…

Monro Ltd Launch Revolutionary Cosmetics Packaging Range…

As Dave Cobley & Matt Sibson of Monro Ltd explained, “a key part of our strategy in this area, was to secure exclusive agreements for the UK market, with several world class manufacturers. The first stage of this is now complete and we are pleased to announce our exclusive UK partnership with HANA, the world leading Korean manufacturer who specialise in traditional oil and lotion pumps, together with airless packaging and their revolutionary range of airtight cushion compacts and airless liquid foundation compacts”

Foremost in the Monro / HANA offering is the patented ‘Romeo’ compact (pictured) which was first launched by VDL brand in Japan. This packaging utilises the worlds smallest micro airless pump and is now available to UK brands for the first time courtesy of Monro. As a result of our new collaboration, the packaging has been modified to work perfectly with European style formulations ranging from serums to high viscosity BB / CC cremes and foundations up to SPF50.



Whilst the patented Romeo compact is potentially the most revolutionary packaging to hit the cosmetics and skincare market in 2015/2016, Monro also offers more traditional packaging solutions including;

Extruded tubes,

Cosmetic compacts,

Packaging for lips, eyes and face,


PE and PP bottles and jars,

Premium single and double wall acryllic jars.

Our aim is to offer a solution for all packaging requests, from small bespoke brands through to the premium and mass market, using packaging from our network of approved manufacturing partners. Our latest collaboration has just made way for many more innovative opportunities for our new and existing client base. To discuss #MonroCosmetics in greater detail please contact Dave Cobley.

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