Packaging Design – Top Tips

Packaging Design – Top Tips

Strong packaging design both in visual appearance and physical form is what your brand needs to sell its product. Get it right and it will result in sales, happy customers and brand recognition.

Here are our 5 top tips for retail packaging design…

Graphics – keep your graphics relevant to your brand & product. This doesn’t have to be over complicated.  Strong branding catches the eye and is instantly recognisable. If your logo sells itself, don’t feel the need to add graphics.  With smaller brands looking to grow in dominance, a striking graphic could be required to draw initial attention to your brand. Think about the job of your graphic, is it doing a valid job? If not, do you need it?  If you sell various products or seasonal products and wish to distinguish between them, consider this in the form of material, colour or texture…

Colour – take a colour shade and make it yours. Some of the most successful brand names use colour very successfully. Tiffany Blue, Harrods Green, Selfridges Yellow, Fortnum & Masons, Gucci, Fendi, Nike. You can name these brands from sight of the colour alone.

Material – does the material of your bag, complement your product or brand? Are you retailing environmentally friendly products but giving the customer a non-recyclable laminated paper bag. Know who you are and how you wish to be perceived and use materials that reinforce that message and don’t work against it.

Brand integration – does your retail packaging work with the rest of your branding and instore graphics. A dangerous area for oversight. Your brands image should remain concise throughout all visual and verbal media, this includes your packaging as this is often the lasting point of contact your customer has with your brand.

Re-use / longevity – the most often overlooked consideration is does your packaging have a life beyond its initial purpose? Is your bag re-useable, degradable, eco-friendly? A well-made paper bag can be used again and again before being discarded and each time multiplies its value to you in additional marketing. Consider your bag as mobile adverts and the value becomes clear.


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