Packaging High Lights of 2014. Samsung Experience…

Packaging High Lights of 2014. Samsung Experience…

Samsung opened 9 experience stores this year, with their Flagship store located at Westfield Sratford. These 9 stores are the only in the Samsung chain to showcase the full range of smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras and genuine accessories plus a whole host of exclusives that can’t be found elsewhere.

We were approached by Samsung after we were recommended to them by existing clients Carphone Warehouse, we were presented with a marketing proposal for the experience stores and an overall ‘look’ and together worked with Samsung to produce their packaging exclusive to the experience stores.

Design of the bags had to reflect the quality of the reatailer , be modern enough to reflect the technology and be strong enough to protect the high value products to be placed within them. It was a pleasure to have worked with this high tech store and be involved in the buzz surrounding the stores openings. Certainly a Monro highlight of 2014.

To locate your nearest experience store, CLICK HERE.

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