Where does your Packaging end up?

Where does your Packaging end up?

They say there are 7 points of contact for brands to get in front of a customer, that number over recent years is much higher in many cases but regardless of its rising figure, the outcome is the same. Only of 2 of those points stay directly in front of your customer.

Those 2 are , the packaging & the product…

Your original product, the design of its packaging, the production and sourcing of both, the marketing , the shop floor or online store and the many lengthy processes in between can and should involve many meticulous decisions. One thought that is often over looked by brands is, ‘where will our packaging end up?’

Your packaging is often the first part of your brand that your customer comes into contact with, your packaging’s content is the second. Chances are your packaging played a huge part is the sale of your product, if it didn’t it should. Even for world renowned best selling products, their packaging is key to its success, making it instantly recognisable amongst a shelf or site full of similar competetive products.

We see the importance of well designed packaging for sales, but still the question lies, where does your packaging end up?

Once the packaging is opened and the product removed, what happens next? If its lucky, it will be recycled, at worst, it will be put amongst your household refuse without a second care.  Your packaging stands a greater chance of survival if designed with re-use in mind, be it a box so strong that it can be used for housing a whole manner of household items, cotton carriers that can be taken out shopping, a simple branded tag or tissue paper that can be used again for gifting, or added extra’s such as branded luxury ribbons that may be used again for finishing touches to household decoration. Giving your packaging a second life, not only gives great customer satisfaction but gives your brand a second, possibly third ( or more ) marketing opportunity after sales.



Here at Monro we have a team with over 25 years of experience of providing packaging excellence, full of new and inspiring ideas to get your brand thinking outside the box to give your packaging a life after its initial use. For more ideas, see our pinterest boards or click here to contact us.

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